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Corporate Investigations

Whilst most persons involved in commerce will appreciate that directors of Limited Liability Companies, are not personally liable for the debts of their companies. Nationwide Process Servers advise clients to establish the antecedent history of directors and company officers, who operate companies with which the client trades. Consequently we offer the service which provides scrutiny of companies and their directors.

Unfortunately, not all companies conduct their affairs equitably, hence companies are graded in terms of their credit worthiness. Nationwide Process Servers can provide details of risk assessment insofar as a company is concerned and can furnish details of the involvement of directors in previous companies. Nationwide Process Servers would point out that there are many directors who have operated as many as 20 companies, which have been dissolved, in some instances due to insolvency and our process server who is assigned to your enquiry at Nationwide Process Servers can provide you with details of a director's business history. Our assigned process server would warn you that it is not prudent to risk trading with a dubious company, or one operated by directors who have a history of unsatisfactory business. More..

Nationwide Legal Document Service

Our service is designed to provide process service facilities both within the United Kingdom and abroad. Assistance is available to solicitors and attorneys worldwide, and local and central government departments, within Great Britain, and Northern Ireland.

In addition to effecting service of United Kingdom documents, our process servers specialise in serving documents which originate from countries abroad and we are mindful of complying with the judicial requirements of those countries, which includes adherence to the Hague and Lugano Conventions. Our background in complying with extradition treaties equips our process servers well to meet the requirements of foreign Courts.

We are able to offer the facilities of our process servers in all areas of the country and have experienced process servers in each of the cities and counties including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle, as well as all of the geographical and metropolitan Counties, which comprise the United Kingdom. More..

Tracing Litigants and Pre Sue Enquiries

It is obvious that in order to institute proceedings and before enlisting the service of a process server it is essential that third parties are located and also that it is determined if it is appropriate to commence an action against the individual. If a potential litigant is without assets then any form of action against him would be futile. Therefore it is a prerequisite to establish the means of the person against whom proceedings are to be instituted. Consequently Nationwide Process Servers would suggest that there are circumstances where it is felt prudent that we carry out 'pre-sue' enquiries on behalf of our clients, to establish that compensation, debts or costs are recoverable.

With this function in mind Nationwide Process Servers have a number of legitimate sources and databases to draw upon to determine an individuals residential properties and business locations. One can rest assured that Nationwide Process Servers have at the forefront of our minds compliance with the Data Protection Act and we are registered with the ICO.


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