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Process Servers of United States Documents

The service of Court Orders and legal documents, which emanate from the District and State Courts in the United States of America, is one of our special areas of operation.

In the effecting of service of such alt documents we ensure that our procedures comply with the requirements of the issuing Court of the particular state, as there are slight variations between state Courts in the interpretation of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2007, (FRCP) albeit that the rules were created by the United States Supreme Court.

We pay particular attention to Chapter II of the FRCP, the issue and service of summonses and Chapter V, which includes the request for documents and service of Interrogatories.

Instructing Attorneys or their agents are assured that every attention is paid to detail and of our strict compliance with their instructions. Affidavits will be completed to their precise requirements and will be sworn under oath, before:

  • (a) A Solicitor (Attorney) of the Supreme Court of England and Wales,
  • (b) An officer of the Court appointed to take Affidavits or
  • (c) An Attorney or Legal Attache at the American Embassy.

All of our process servers are mature individuals who have had appropriate training, they are all respectful of the rights of individuals who they are required to serve with Court process. They have generally been performing this type of function for ten or more years, consequently they are all suitably experienced.

Fees :

For a quotation of our Fees for a particular assignment we would invite you to request a quote from us, via email from : and include all your relevant requirements such as :

  • (i) Documents to be served.

  • (ii) Method of Service, either personal or substituted.

  • (iii) Address to be served – including Town/City/County.

  • (iv) Date of hearing of case or time limit on service.

  • (v) Type of Proof of Service required – Affidavit or Statement of truth.

  • (vi) Before which authority – Court officer or Solicitor (Attorney).

  • (vii) Whether service is required under the Hague Service Convention.

  • For prescribed forms see:

In the majority of instances we will provide a precise 'Fixed Fee' quotation.

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