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Tracing People, Debtors and Litigants in the UK

It is obvious that in order to institute Court proceedings against third parties and debtors it is essential that they are located in the first instance. We deal with the necessity to determine if it is appropriate to commence an action against the individual, in the Investigations section under that heading.

We generally limit our Tracing resources to alt determining the whereabouts of persons against whom Court action, has either been instituted, or frequently where they have effectively 'absconded' from their usual place of abode in order to escape the penalty of the Courts.

We do act on behalf of a number of Government departments in the area of tracing individuals, these departments include the Insolvency Service, which is a branch of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

In this area we are commissioned to trace and serve insolvent individuals, bankrupts, and/or company directors, who have gone to ground and are evading their financial liabilities and whom the Court have issued orders for them to appear for Public Examination.

We have a variety of legal sources from which we are able to locate defendants in such actions, or indeed witnesses in various proceedings. Whilst initially these tracing processes are from database sources, our staff and accredited agents will visit specific addresses to verify that a particular person is resident at the location. Alternatively we will enquire concerning the individuals business interests and the trading location of those business activities.

In our tracing enquiries we utilise many available sources to the benefit of our clients, in order to recover assets and or the commencement of actions with the view to such recovery.

It is our primary concern to locate persons who are the subject of Court process and we therefore consider that our service is one which compliments the judicial system, which we have been doing for over 30 years.

Details required to Trace :

Most tracing tasks are similar, although some individuals take greater pains to conceal their whereabouts when sought by creditors or indeed the Courts, but our fees in the first instance nevertheless remain constant.

You may contact us by email at: providing details of the person you wish to trace, they should ideally include:

  • (i) Full names – First, second and surname.

  • (ii) Age & date of birth (if available).

  • (iii) Occupation and (if known) last employer.

  • (iv) Brief description including ethnicity.

  • (v) Last known address.

  • (vi) Full name of spouse or partner.

  • (vii) Any other information which it is felt might be relevant.

In the majority of instances we will provide a precise 'Fixed Fee' quotation.

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