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Whilst the function of our company is the service of various forms of Court documents, in various types of proceedings, in instances in which endeavours are being made to recover assets, or to determine an individuals income, we are particularly well equipped to advise clients of the advisability of instituting Court proceedings.

Our staff members and accredited agents are all former Criminal Investigation Department detectives and our principal is a former Fraud Squad head. Their ability to make enquiries in the financial sector is enhanced by their years of experience in this area.

In family matters, particularly those involving the custody of children, it is important that the backgrounds and life styles of adults involved, are carried out with competence. Our investigators are expert in interviewing techniques and we pride ourselves on eliciting accurate information and evidence.

alt It is vital that employment details and other financial means are established in instances when it is proposed to serve Attachment of Earnings Orders or to institute maintenance proceedings.

Clients can be assured that all of our investigations are conducted ethically and diligently.

Our reports are prepared with a view to being presented to the Courts, if required our conclusions or findings can be in the form of a Statement of Truth.

Status and Pre Sue Reports

It is of considerable importance that before embarking on a Court action to either recover a debt or entering into any form of litigation that clients establish that the person against whom proceedings are to be commenced has sufficient financial resources or assets, firstly to recover a debt, pay an award of compensation and equally importantly pay the costs of the action.

Our investigations in this area cover verification of employment, determination of lifestyle, tracing or confirmation of residence and property ownership, County Court Judgement and Bankruptcy searches, and company directorships or business partnerships.

All of these aspects of a potential litigants background will provide clients with sufficient information on which to base a decision to take a matter before the Court.

Many tracing tasks are similar, although some individuals take greater pains to conceal their whereabouts when sought by creditors or indeed the Courts, but our fees nevertheless remain constant.

For a quotation and to have a tracing enquiry instituted we would invite you to request a quote from us, via email from:

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